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Our Story

The story behind That Dose Of Encouragement: Empowerment for Life & Health Coaching Services is born from a diverse array of life experiences. From overcoming childhood struggles to navigating the loss of both parents and making unwise choices in marriage, I've weathered numerous storms. But amidst it all, I've gained invaluable wisdom. Now, I'm here to offer support and guidance as you navigate your own journey through life.


Alongside these trials, I cultivated a rewarding military career, embarked on successful entrepreneurial ventures, and acquired a robust foundation in psychology. These diverse experiences have afforded me the privilege of guiding others through their own adversities, witnessing firsthand the remarkable resilience and personal growth that can emerge from life's challenges.


This profound realization served as the catalyst for my transition into coaching, propelled by the unwavering belief that each individual possesses the inherent capacity to unlock their full potential.

Grounded in individualized support and steadfast encouragement, That Dose Of Encouragement is committed to empowering individuals to rewrite their narratives, reclaim their agency, and embrace a future imbued with purpose, fulfillment, and revitalized vitality.

You don't have to navigate life solo. Let's team up and begin the journey together.

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As a holistic life coach, I am committed to supporting you on your journey towards total well-being and fulfillment. I'm ready to guide you through the various transitions in your life, ensuring you achieve balance, growth, and success in every aspect.


Personal Development:

  • Goal Setting

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Self-Discovery

  • Time Management

  • Communication Skills

From Grief to Growth Coaching:

  • Grief Coaching Practices

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Meaning-Making

  • Transformational Healing

  • Building a New Identity

Pathfinder for Young Adults:

  • Life Skills Development

  • Education and Career Exploration

  • Personal Finance Management

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Healthy Relationships

Embark on your holistic wellness journey today. Let's collaborate!

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